Friday, 14 December 2012

Zweihander Pattern Predator.


Another part of the 2nd Mercadian Crusade. Heavy support choice was needed. This project was a whole lot of fun to build, convert and paint. I wanted to build something that looked like it hunted other tanks. A sniper tank of sorts. With the ability to 'dig in' and camp out waiting for the enemy to get within range etc.


Alot of extras thrown into the mix give it some character I hope. It had to look Black Templar and therefore it needs to look intimidating, deadly, old and battleskilled. Try and bring out the machine spirit within.

Base kit is a GW Predator Annihilator, custom turret additions include steel whip antennae, metal targeting array, brass etch, twin lascannon barrels extended with brass rod. On front of the tank is a Forge World resin dozer blade emblazoned with FW brass Etch, again on the hull either side. The designation ZWEIHANDER in etch brass above both view ports was a lesson in patience and perseverance alone. There are also servoskull targetting systems on the side lascannon sponsons (these track with the barrels)


Forgeworld Tank of The Day

~ 14/12/12 ~


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