Sunday, 16 December 2012

Venerable Brother Krieg

Another part of the 2nd Mercadian Crusade update

Entombed inside his steel sarcophagus for two centuries, sustained by life support systems and hatred for the enemy, Venerable Dreadnought Brother Krieg strides into combat, wrath personified.
His voice chanting constantly in bass tones, hymns and psalms of devotion to the God Emperor of Mankind.
Holy words echo around him as he advances into the heart of any fight he can find.
One of his candles is burning bright like his anger.
The other one, like his compassion, died long ago.

Dodgy photos of my old venerable dread. I'm still not very good at photography! Learning curves not too sharp..anyhow!
It's not an actual venerable kit, just a bog standard AOBR dread with a few tweaks.
He's been around a while, stomped a few xenos and heretics in his time and gets bits added and subtracted through battle damage and other disasters.
I always planned on making a few different arms for him so he has a small arsenal of weaponry to play with one day.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, what's your favourite arm combo for a dreadnought?

I have the FW chappy dread in basic stages of assembly. He'll be joining Krieg in the Crusade in future.
Right now though, the biker knights need more work..

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