Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Invasion @ Games Workshop!

Back from a recent crusade in the display cabinets at one of my local Games Workshop stores.
After a fairly lengthy stint in the store, my Black Templars are returning home. A few new squads and vehicles are being prepped to join the eternal crusade.
How did the army return home to their monastery though?
We flew Air-Templar!

The Eisen-Falken pattern gunship 'Angel of Antioch'.

This is my baby, spent a lot of time and money embellishing
the original kit. Etched brass, weapon additions, resin turrets/doors,
servo skulls, iron halo, campaign shields, whopping big templar icons..

Yes, that's an old metal gunner as a pilot.
Love those old TIE pilot style respirators.

Death from above! 
She is weathered extensively but the camera glares not
picking it out much. More pics are required sometime soon!


'Place could do with a tidy up, it's like a bombs hit it!'

Need more drop pods! And vehicles!

Just dropping in to say 'HERETIC!'

'Not much cover out here, sarge!'
'Use the guy in front as cover'

Always at the front, leading the charge..
There could be chocolate in that bunker!

Some of my original battle brothers. It all starts with good
old plastic kits..but then there is resin..and the wallet screams!

The Zweihander II Pattern Predator, designed for long range armour sniping.

A few little conversions and tweaks to the original kit.
Barrels were extended with brass pipe, forgeworld
resin dozer blade, servo skull targetters and
 extra scopes and sensors on the turret. 
Etched brass was used to embellish the hull and
dozerblade with Templar iconography.

More pics to come soon...

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