Sunday, 31 March 2013

Raising the Dead

So after a weekend of hobby (including a 5 hour epic game of Super Dungeon Explore!) my undead core units are coming along well... I hope to have them on the battlefield within a week. I spent more time than I had counted on creating the musician for the unit, and I am still deciding on a standard bearer model/conversion for the unit.

Still a way to go but the bonework is done and the weapons and shields are weathered and rusted (the latter are yet to be attatched to many of the models). Small armour accents such as scale mail will be bronze and weathered with turquoise to pop them. Belts will be dark leather + mouldy green.
Then finally basing and we are ready for war!

More creepy things to come...

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre WIP

I am working on the core units now and firing all cylinders late into the nights.

Mainly a large block of 40 warriors in the mid stages of completion. 
I was never a fan of lungless undead carrying large wind instruments into battle so I set about creating my own musician model and I am quite happy with the final posing and sculpy work so I have begun painting.

As a child I was very fortunate, in that my grandfather was a constant source of education and inspiration to me. He was a classical Violinist, and he would practice on Sunday afternoons while I sat and drew little pictures for him as he played. One of my cherished memories is my gramps sat on his stool, playing along to Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre, a soaring, powerful piece and one of my all time favourite pieces of music.
He really was a maestro with the bow and strings and would launch into the piece with gusto while his old record player popped and crackled out the orchestral accompaniment.

Well, years later, I decided to honour this memory and bring to life something I always imagined in my mind. There really was only one choice of musician to play my legions forward into the enemy...

Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre WIP

And in case you have never experienced the inspiration..

More creepy stuff soon..

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Three Killers

A hiatus during the new year from blogging..but not gaming and painting! So what has this citizen been doing? 
Getting older officially!

Lately I have been cracking on with some new projects and adding to existing ones. I am at that stage where I am trying to balance the juggling of doing friends minis and my own personal collection, not always an easy task when it is all scheduled during just my 'hobby time'. 
Lots of Super Dungeon Explore on saturdays is also to blame!

Recently I have painted some daemons for a good friend, but more on them in another update (and I still don't have pics of them..).

Adding some more units to my Vampire Counts army has been a priority of late, mainly because at the beginning of April, my local GW store is running a new WHFB campaign. Eager to get some of my undead horde blooded and hone tactics! Also more chaos heros for my gaming friends to come soon, and also a little Infinity - Some Pan-O troops and mecha in a very updated 'Nam 68 vibe, man. Groovy!
So here are a few shots of what I have been up to..

These are the Fell-Hags (bats) for my Vampire Counts.

 I made them from GW Daemonette heads, Ghoul bodies,
Dark Eldar scourge wings and the morbid but cool lil
gravestones are from Renedra plastics.

On the same theme of Three Killers, here's a triumvirate of WIP..

The green mech on the left is part of a promise for
a very good friend and Infinity maniac. 
The red Khornate hero is for another friend and
part of a larger chaos force, with daemons in the mix.
The Vampire Countess is for my own Warhammer army.

And a slightly closer look at the lady of the night..
Countess Theresa Von Ravenstein.

Fixing her atop a way marker, she is a simple conversion,
again using Dark Eldar Scourge wings. Still a long way to
go but she will hopefully make a nice eyecatching hero.

More soon..