Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Dead of Winter - 1st Place Winner

Hi. Today I have my Cairn Wraith to share with you.
This is display piece I did for this years christmas GW competition in my area.
I was lucky to win first place for the theme 'Winter'.
Anything was allowed as entries but it must include snow or winter themes.

I decided on simple, straightforward approach, no nonsense just paint it.

I love the new wraith kit (the beautiful flowing nature of the sculpture)
and wanted to create a realistic worn leathery look to the robes and hood,
 of course adding lots of snowy icy terrain to the base itself.
 I made the frozen pool with actual glass, it has a nice depth 
you cannot really see in the photography ( I am bad at camerawork hehe).

Well, I hope you like him.

The dying of the years end..

It's one of my favourite undead sculpts of all time.

A reaping we shall go..

I found eroded glass on the beach. It became an icy pool..

Lots of glazes to get smooth leather and worn effects.

Back to improving photography, more to come soon!

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