Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gunship: Angel Of Antioch

Finally got some photos done of the detailing
 and weathering on the GW Stormraven kit.
I have renamed this pattern as an 'Eisen-Falken' Gunship.
Seemed far more Black Templar.
She was blessed by Master of Sanctity Ravenstein as
'The Angel of Antioch'
I tried lots of various weathering techniques, 
oil streaks, grubby engines and battle grime.

Forgeworld razorback turret and resin BT rhino door 
fitted without too much bother. They fit quite snugly. 
Brass etch BT icons and carving up BT landraider doors gave
 me lots of options for embellishing the hull and fuselage.

She carrys a hefty payload of ordnance..
 I decided to undersling the assault cannons because..
 it just looks intimidating I think.
I used heavy bolter magazines behind the barrels
of the cannons to give them a more robust look.

Of course, when things get serious...
a red light comes on in the cockpit to warn the
 pilot of incoming missiles and anti air flak.


All the doors, sponson weapons and canopy move/open/close/swivel about.

The servo skulls make an appearance on some of the weapon systems. 
The one on top is known as 66 or 'Double-Sixer'.

I moved house during the project and lost the original flying stand..
 so I made a base out of foamcard, flagstones from plasticard and bits of ruin kit.

More stuff to come soon!

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