Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ancient evil awakens!

Here's a few shots of my latest works in progress for my Vampire counts army.

First is Rexor! Mighty Wight King!

An old chaos shield is suitably vampiric in style..

The figure is based on a Khornate champion, (citadel finecast)

The numerous chaos icons were carefully removed.

Some simple resculping creates hair to hide the head swap gaps.

Lots of layers of glazes help achieve a rich earthiness to colours.

The glow effect takes a lot of patience to build up.

This is to be my Strigoi vampire king.

still a lot of work to go..

the addition of the wings gives the characters pose more meaning..

the musculature is starting to form colour dimension.

The custom base is a kitbash. Still more foliage to add..

Tomb Banshees from the Mortis Engine Kit.

Brides for the dead king!

First batch of zombies under way!

Dire Wolf test colours ..

(Using Fenrisian wolf as proxies)

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