Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Mercadian Crusade - Black Templars

Here are some of the forces I have painted so far for my Warhammer 40,000  Black Templar crusade.
I've done a fair amount of conversion work/greenstuff on some of the models but still have a lot of figures to paint. I kept it basic but tried to run the red/black stripe theme to bind the force together visually. All the Templar crosses are hand done, no transfers.

Forces of The Mercadian Crusades.

A forgeworld boarding marine/Emperors Champion kitbash

The first assault squad. These brothers are some of my oldest Templar models.

I should add some rust spots to here and there. Old warriors!

Hammers of WRATH!

Mark 3 crusaders. Keepin' it Old Scholarium.

Forgeworld. I adore thee.

Gunline. Ready. Aim. Annihilate.

Next are a few of my sword brethren. 

For Dorn!

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