Monday, 6 May 2013

Boomslang: Infinity Cutter TAG

Finished pics. (click image, then right click and open image in in new tab for larger views)

Super Jurassic Dungeon Assault Team Explore

One day, we'll sort out some proper house rules for tanks and dinosaurs.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP 3

Another update on how the lanky rust bucket is progressing in between other projects I'm knee deep in.
Decided to redo the left claw - the blood effect needs redoing, (I have some new tamiya clear red in the mail from ebay)..
Made a couple of little magnetized options for under the sarcophagus; a targetter, another couple of guns including a flamer on a servo arm..kinda looks cool giving a dread extra lil arms for things). IDK just fun stuff to make it look unique and different. Lots more rusty effects added to the left arm now and some started on the right arm. I have some forgeworld aircraft cannons arriving soon (this week hopefully). I'm looking forward to riggin up a right arm for them to be mounted on.

cheers =]

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Predator Bust - repaint WIP

Pallisades Predator Unmasked micro bust, stripped, prepped, halfway through repainting.

'If it bleeds, we can kill it..'

Here's an earlier shot where I worked on basic flesh tones. I did some photomanips at this stage to decide on eye colours and also messed around with the teeth as they are pretty chunky on the model originally. Since this was taken, I have now removed the resin tusks and replaced them with metal ones - they are slender now and tougher - seemed a better idea for model lifespan..

Friday, 3 May 2013

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP 2

A quick update of how he is progressing. A lot of the lower limb rust and mechanical weathering is coming along, some macabre blood/ichor on the power claw and other magnetized optional bits starting to assemble. I had a chat and a coffee with a friend earlier and he approved of the colour choices so far. He's got a strong academic/artistic understanding of colour theory so it was good to get some valuable feedback on certain things, suggestions I could try out in the later stages etc.

Back to the chapter crypt he goes until tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Rusty stuff.

Here's a few WIP shots of the rust and weathering work as it progresses.
It's always a fun process and as it develops and the effects begin to happen across the surface of the model. I find it very relaxing and it does offer creative opportunities; some violet reflections here and there, spots and patches of blue hues and greens that contrast visually with the oranges and warmer tones of the rust colours.

More stuff soon!

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP

Time to add something else to the Crusade.

 This chap is a great sculpt to paint. It's the chaplain dreadnought I purchased many moons ago and I finally finished off all the conversions I wanted. He has longer legs so he looks like he can walk faster than a snail now, longer melta barrels, finer banded hosing, torso/waist relocation forward under the ribcage as it should be! - and a plethora of filling jobs required, plus added iconography and magnetising the torso and limbs.
He stands about 11-12mm higher than a originally/regular dread and hopefully will look more in scale with the FW Contemptor Talon 3-pack I plan on one day owning.
The original iron halo in this kit was used on the gunship, it fitted on top of the air intake scoop perfectly --but only because I have a much nicer once that suits this model.
I will add that chunk of brutal blades above the carapace towards the final painting stages.
He also has a banner/relic blade to go on top behind the halo.

So here's a WIP shot of the fella.

More stuff soon!