Thursday, 18 April 2013

Torbay Guild of Gamers

Exciting times ahead as plans to start a local gaming guild are now starting to reach fruition.
A venue has been allocated (keys in hand!) and some prospective members have been given a walkaround the modest venue location. First impressions were great from the guys and the place has toilets, a place to store tables and scenery, and it is also well lit and the shop window can easily be draped to offer members some privacy during gaming nights. It is situated @ Attika in Abbey Road, Torbay, right next to Carters and the cinema. There will be no official 'closing time' on gaming nights and extra nights can be booked for local gamers that cannot make it on the usual club night.

Flexibility is the key I believe as not everyone can always make it on a regular weekly night, so the option to use the venue on other evenings and also weekends is fantastic! Over the course of the next week tables and gaming boards will be resourced and hopefully the guild can start doing what we do best - gaming - in the very near future.

The club will be Gaming Club Network registered, with all committee members CRB checked and cleared in advance of any club membership allocations. This also means that Games Workshop can officially help support the club at the local GW store and help gather more members, even help provide terrain and tables for wargaming.

Hopefully, The Torbay Guild of Gamers is here to stay, finally!

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