Friday, 5 April 2013

Cutter T.A.G WIP Part 2

Started on more details, more glazing and got some base building done.
I am trying to create a wild jungle clearing vibe, with a deadfall log the TAG is stepping over cautiously, creeper vines across the leaf littered jungle floor and a few exotic plants to add to the atmosphere.

I will have a chat with my friend and work out what (if any) lettering, names, numbers or other malarky he wants on it.
I kinda think 'BOOMSLANG' on it somewhere would look cool. It's the name of a jungle snake. 

Or simply 'Boomer'..

Other slogans perhaps: 
'Born to Chill'
'Apostasy NOW!'
"Yu Jing Don't Surf!"

Moar soon...

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