Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pre-Heresy Rhino Detachment

Something a little different today to blog about but exciting nonetheless to die-hard 40k fanatics (and fellow old school miniature collectors) especially those interested in Pre-Heresy re-enactments...

I was fortunate enough to stumble across and purchase one of the vintage Citadel  RTB04 Rhino troop transports box sets. The God-Emperor indeed smiles upon me!

There is next to no plastic flash or any miscast pieces so they should be a breeze to construct.
The sprues look to be in mint condition, missing only one smoke launcher, the tip of one exhaust, and 3 of the headlamps (easily replaced by taking Instant Molds from the other sprues).
Suprisingly, the notoriously fragile and delicate hand rails are ALL intact!
Unfortunately, the schematics poster and Imperial Vehicle Decal Sheet is absent.

The box itself is worn and battered with age, the kit having been released 25 years ago.. gosh this makes me feel old! I recall seeing the adverts in the latest White Dwarf as a child and wishing I earned more from my pocket money chores. I guess all good things (sometimes) come to those who wait!

This will be a splendid addition to my 'old knights of the Imperium' aesthetic for my steadily expanding  Black Templar crusade (see my previous posts for photos).

My motor pool has just increased significantly.. now I must find time to lavish attention on these fantastic old model kits.

Imperator Vult!

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