Sunday, 21 April 2013

Art of War - Painting Group

Well, a very busy gaming weekend indeed! Huge adventuring night with close friends and some of Sodapops Super Dungeon Explore (I almost took the party out this week, only that @#*$%£ Riftling Rogue and her cursed Teleporting shenanigans! Foiled again! but great fun had by all )

So, in other gaming/painting related news, the main painting group on facebook that I admin ran into some IP ambiguities recently, regarding the group name 'Really 'Eavy Metal'. This group was one I inherited for admin duties and was not named by me at it's inception. However recent events and emails made it clear that using GW trademarks on 3rd party site titles was confusing for people, flew in the face of GW legal and tbh completely understandable. As a result, and to just end the ongoing debates and nonsense surrounding the whole thing, the group name is now 'Art of War - Painting Group'.

If you follow this blog but have not joined go and apply now! It is a great place to share ideas and efforts with other painters and modellers. The group is non commercial so please bear in mind that posts that advertise services or products blatantly will be removed and membership reviewed.

Enjoy your Hobby!

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