Thursday, 2 May 2013

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP

Time to add something else to the Crusade.

 This chap is a great sculpt to paint. It's the chaplain dreadnought I purchased many moons ago and I finally finished off all the conversions I wanted. He has longer legs so he looks like he can walk faster than a snail now, longer melta barrels, finer banded hosing, torso/waist relocation forward under the ribcage as it should be! - and a plethora of filling jobs required, plus added iconography and magnetising the torso and limbs.
He stands about 11-12mm higher than a originally/regular dread and hopefully will look more in scale with the FW Contemptor Talon 3-pack I plan on one day owning.
The original iron halo in this kit was used on the gunship, it fitted on top of the air intake scoop perfectly --but only because I have a much nicer once that suits this model.
I will add that chunk of brutal blades above the carapace towards the final painting stages.
He also has a banner/relic blade to go on top behind the halo.

So here's a WIP shot of the fella.

More stuff soon!

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