Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP 3

Another update on how the lanky rust bucket is progressing in between other projects I'm knee deep in.
Decided to redo the left claw - the blood effect needs redoing, (I have some new tamiya clear red in the mail from ebay)..
Made a couple of little magnetized options for under the sarcophagus; a targetter, another couple of guns including a flamer on a servo arm..kinda looks cool giving a dread extra lil arms for things). IDK just fun stuff to make it look unique and different. Lots more rusty effects added to the left arm now and some started on the right arm. I have some forgeworld aircraft cannons arriving soon (this week hopefully). I'm looking forward to riggin up a right arm for them to be mounted on.

cheers =]

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