Sunday, 14 June 2015

Amesa Thallax Bodyguard WIP The Rag Man

'The Rag Man'

Inquisimunda Adeptus Mechanicus

Amesa Thallax Bodyguard - Ranged Specialist

This chap is a work in progress, Amesa Thallax bodyguard 'The Rag Man'. He also acts as the munitions monitor for the team, hence the bunch of keys for the armoury on his belt.

The parts included in this kitbash include Dark Eldar Haemonulus torso and coat, Skitarii backpack, Grey Knight  keys, Space Marine Devastator targeting array, Sicarian Rust Stalker weaponry/arm/claw/head, and once more those precious guitar strings that are so much fun to fiddle around with.

 I'm aiming for a tertiary colour palette to add to his steampunky antique feel, also he will stand out more in the Explorator team as most other members will be wearing Mechanicum red robes. Did much of the work on his patchwork leather longcoat and a start on metallics.

He's a functional, silent guardian of the Explorator Team, floating silently close by, always watching out for possible danger to his Genetor and Enginseers.

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