Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Rebel Hoth System Defence 'Blizzard' Squadron

 this time for myself to use in my store games! 

The Guild Rebel Alliance squadron of ships includes two X-wings escorting the HWK-290, backed up by the hefty payload of a B-Wing and the customised YT-1300 'Shady Lady' Freighter.

The unique YT-1300 'Shady Lady' has been modified and given an intensive paintjob to mark her out alongside the repainted squadron fighters.

Customised YT-1300 'Shady Lady'. The cockpit and tunnel have been carefully modified/removed. Remoulding parts of the ship and then extensive weathering techniques layered create this rusty, battered look, befitting the extreme conditions of Hoth.

Custom painted X-wings, HWK-290 and B-Wing comprise the 'Blizzard' Squadron fighter wing. After stripping the original paint jobs the ships were resprayed and smoothly blending up adding engine grime, fuel streaking, panel lining and highlighting, exhaust glow, rust effects and Rebel insignia

Well, more stuff to come soon! :)

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