Monday, 22 June 2015

Fortress of Redemption WIP

With the imminent release of updated Dark Angels, I dug out my fortress of redemption, assembled it properly and base coated and washed it today, and added some tints here and there before starting on the real weathering effects. I hope to have it ready as a nice centrepiece for the release of the new stuff next weekend!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor - WIP

So we are on to the next member of my Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator  Team.
This Guy is going to be the team leader, a rather extreme bionic and augmented human priest of the machine god. He is the Genetor, and he has such wonderful experiments to perform!
It's an involved kitbash with some parts scratch built out of various materials and bobbins I managed to salvage from dusty old boxes and kits. I will try and finish his painting this weekend if I get the chance between running airbrushing tutorials and helping local hobbyists at our regular Saturday paintjam.

The Rag Man - Final

So here he is all based and with the final work done, and with so much going on,
I am happy as far as it goes for a gaming piece. 

My Amesa Thallax Bodyguard, The Rag Man, is ready to kick some posteriors through some cogitators.

I sometimes enjoy basing a mini more than painting the model...
 But this chap was just fun from start to finish!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Amesa Thallax Bodyguard WIP The Rag Man

'The Rag Man'

Inquisimunda Adeptus Mechanicus

Amesa Thallax Bodyguard - Ranged Specialist

This chap is a work in progress, Amesa Thallax bodyguard 'The Rag Man'. He also acts as the munitions monitor for the team, hence the bunch of keys for the armoury on his belt.

The parts included in this kitbash include Dark Eldar Haemonulus torso and coat, Skitarii backpack, Grey Knight  keys, Space Marine Devastator targeting array, Sicarian Rust Stalker weaponry/arm/claw/head, and once more those precious guitar strings that are so much fun to fiddle around with.

 I'm aiming for a tertiary colour palette to add to his steampunky antique feel, also he will stand out more in the Explorator team as most other members will be wearing Mechanicum red robes. Did much of the work on his patchwork leather longcoat and a start on metallics.

He's a functional, silent guardian of the Explorator Team, floating silently close by, always watching out for possible danger to his Genetor and Enginseers.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Inquisimunda Gothic Cathedral Scenery

Knocked together a dozen gothic cathedral scenery sections and gave it a splash of colour this afternoon, including a mechanicus ruin. I'm searching through my bits boxes to find some lil technobobbins to stick on some of the pillars and '40k them up a little more, but this set of scenery is at least game ready now for my friends to use in games.
The gothic cathedral and ruins kits are from Pegasus Hobbies. I intend to use them mainly for Inquisimunda28 or Killteam this summer. Discussing it with friends, we think it could work as a modular cathedral/labyrinth board like the zone mortalis sets. But yes, we would need a lot more of these sections..

Monday, 8 June 2015

Inquisimunda Dark Mechanicus

Kitbash fun for an upcoming Inquisimunda campaign with my mates this summer.
I took the plunge and started making *something*.
Here's my first three models.

They are really good fun to create and paint, you can add a lot of details and character to each of them, mess around with grime and rust and other gothic grimdark stuff!
I'll do some more in between the Khorne Daemonkin project and commission work that never seems to end..