Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bad Moon Rising

I don't like GW zombie hyena dogs so I went for traditional Dracula theme red-eyed timber wolves. Also helped to paint these watching movie 'The Grey' (great movie) and howling at the full moon when taking paint breaks etc. I know its different wolf species in Europe and Alaska now too...

I still need to make 2 doom wolf to go in each pack to make 6 in pack. I may use werewolves for this perhaps?

I really like the Fenrisian wolf models for warhammer 40k,
assembly is fast with no issues, a little filler..
and a fast airbrush and then a few glazes later..


The poses are very dynamic as they charge forwards!

A simple red tint around the eyes to denote evil/undead power..

Just need some bigger ones now to use as Doom Wolf pack leaders.

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